Bringing a weather mini app to the map with a twist of fun

Project type
Our team
1 Product Designer
Mobile App

We teamed up with Zenly with the plan to craft a beautiful weather experience integrated with the map, with the goal of boosting the lenses engagement.

Giving a prime spot to visuals

We wanted to convey a candy-like look & feel to the feature and integrate 3D assets that feel vibrant yet informative — embodying the Zenly vibe perfectly.

We listed all the weather conditions then turned over the talented designers (Julien M.) & Makata to craft the illustrations to showcase in weather cards.

Making it unique and snappy

The weather components were designed to be immersive and generated with unique characteristics based on the daytime, weather condition, temperature.

We also looked at ways to spread the value of the feature by adding a search capability encouraging for more discovery and social mechanics.

Topping off with fun ingredients

Zenly represents continuous optimism and love, so we ultimately wanted to bring some sort of subtile and unexpected twists to boost delight.

With the comparison features we pointed users at big contrasts in weather conditions, play on the various moods it can trigger.

Weather lens as the most used Zenly lens.

We are honored to have been able to work with the Zenly team on their core product. Our contribution allowed the  team to ship up to 3 lenses in public releases all strategic to the product roadmap.