Expanding Deezer’s new brand visual language with extensive product explorations

Project type
Our team
2 Product Designers
Mobile app

Over the 2023 summer, we've worked closely with the Deezer design team on their app rebranding, pushing further the interface and motion design.

Diverging to find a common ground

Our back-to-back efforts with the Deezer team through a broad exploration phase reflect a commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering a modernised experience for music enthusiasts worldwide.

We aimed to bring a sense of liveliness building on the new brand shapes through dynamic motion and visual design. In this direction Deezer elevates both the music and the app interactions to new heights.

Pushing the subtlety of the brand

This revamp aims to unveil a striking rebrand that goes beyond the surface connecting people to the music in their own way. This colorful, dynamic and slightly quirky design embodies this message.

Going Live

We had the most fun working on this project which led to a great visibility as we’ve participated in changing the face of Deezer. We feel grateful for the team trust their to reach this exceptional milestone together.