Shaping Moments:
a new offer dedicated to booking delightful daytime experiences

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1 product designer
Mobile & Web

Moments is a new offer released in the core app in 2023 opening up magical experiences of a few hours, daytime or evening for Staycation users wishing to get away without spending a night out.

Aligning on design vision

We helped the team in the product discovery phase by gathering user insights from hotel staff and guests interviews to clearly define the opportunity.

Then we led the design vision for by exploring many directions to showcase the content and main details to users in a clear and appealing way, without conflicting with the core offer (night out in a hotel)

The key proposal was to build on top of Staycation look & feel with the idea to user cover pictures, imagery and play with font to let the user project themselves in the new use case.
We thought of organising moments into clear categories (spa, cocktails, lunch, massage..) and displaying the main details at the right.

We also had suggestions for how to drive discovery and engagement with Moments even further with its own filter in the Search experience and by introducing narrative story format in the detail page.

Successfully launched a 1st version

We chose to propel the Staycation brand even further using hotel cover pictures and aspiring imagery. The key challenge was to define the right balance for Moments alongside the core offer (night), while keeping a very intuitive and consistent experience.

We are proud of this product design work in collaboration with Staycation to build an even stronger consumer product expanding its offer to users.

The team has shown great satisfaction with the outcome of this collaboration, and our work proved to be quite impactful as the adoption of this feature surpassed the success metrics defined.

We thank their team for giving us the chance to tackle many exciting design challenges including a new product vision which might bring even more creativity to Staycation set of experiences in the future.