Revamping the test assessment experience for candidates

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Maki is a startup aiming to reinvent the hiring experience. 
To do so, they asked us to shape what should be the best test assessment for candidates today, and imagine the vision for the next few years.

Grabbing the candidate by the hand

We thought of the whole experience as a story, with clever transitions states and instant actions to convey a snappy and inspiring feeling to the interface. Candidates get key infos from the company, then focus on the main tasks they need to succeed at.

A brand-inspired test experience

We put the effort on designing a super fluid flow on web mobile and desktop while anticipating the need for customisation from the company through the whole flow starting from band identity (colors, fonts..) to specific content.

Enabling thousands of candidates

Our work has been in used by hundreds of companies and thousands of candidates to let them meet on the right new job opportunities. We’re grateful for the trust the Maki team has shown over the months in teaming up with us to bring their vision to reality