Shaping the design system for Maki’s recruiting product

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Product designer
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We partnered with Maki to build a modern and scalable design system for their core recruiting product allowing HR professionals to set up assessments, invite candidates and review tests results, in just a few clicks.

Lighten and modernize the interface

To make the screens less heavy and more focused we added more white space, reduced the use of shadows and softened the colour contrasts.

We also extended the use of rounded corners to give the UI a friendlier touch while keeping a structured layout reflecting a need for sharpness.

Highlight Maki’s brand identity

We spiced it all up by using key elements of Maki’s brand identity: salmon colour (orange) and blue for CTAs, sparkles shapes for highlights and bringing their brand font PolySans front and centre.

We had consolidated this new visual language into new Design System foundations for the design & eng team to build upon for their next projects.

Making it functional & elegant

A SaaS solution should remain light and clean so users can focus on their tasks. We designed a flawless and graceful user interface, applying a strong brand presence to level up the product usability. We’re pleased to see the enthusiasm on part of the Maki team and we had the pleasure to see this work bringing the core product to new heights.