Bringing Footbar app to a new dimension with new social and user profile features

Project type
Our team
1 product designer
Mobile app

Footbar allows football players to record data thanks to a connected device and follow their stats and progression within a powerful app.We joined the product team to develop & ship new features allowing users to get a delightful view of their sessions and key stats.

Shaping a vision for profile stats

We proactively looked for opportunities to go beyond status quo and shape a modern yet exhaustive take on user profile summary, milestones unlocking and the main stats view navigation.

Based on user insights from discovery and testing phases we could prioritise what matters the most in the information architecture of the app.

Giving life to social features

We had the opportunity to extend the impact of the app in the sharing (bragging) aspect of the sport as players love to compare performances, share memories of a joint session and comment on each others milestones.

Toward a new objective

Last but not least on the player-facing experience, we defined a new set of features to let users set up specific objectives and follow their performance on a regular basis.

We are really thankful for Footbar trust with this collaboration and can’t wait to share more of our work on the “coach” side of the service. Stay tuned!