Shipping a top-quality subscription flow to attract qualified subscribers

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1 product designer
Mobile & desktop web

Dalma is reinventing pet insurance. We were asked to with rethink their pet registration flow to improve non-assisted conversion, reduce friction & promote better understanding of the service.

Getting conversational

We set out to create a friendlier, more informative subscription flow for pet owners. Taking care of your adorable furry friend shouldn't be a serious affair!

We explored many design options to end up with what would feel the most natural for users to answer the questions sequence, while keeping control.

Making the brand shine

We leveraged brand assets doubling down on illustrations, shapes, copy and animations, we ensured it would come off as distinctly Dalma.

Many UI components were created to reflect their visual identity and get the design system effort started within Dalma to nail the UI direction before expanding to all 180 screens.

Paving the way for landing pages

We then had the opportunity to design growth initiated landing pages in order to make the Dalma service crystal clear from the start and the entry point enganging and as convincing as possible.

+20% in conversion overall

Right after release, the flow implemented already drove more conversion. Our solution also offered a better process for owners of multiple pets which led to an x1.2 increase of pets added.

We truly enjoyed collaborating with the Dalma team on those projects and feel proud to participate in their astonishing growth.