Designing first ever finance mobile app for Agicap customers

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1 product designer
Mobile apps

Agicap is a cashflow management platform. The team asked us to help them build Agicap first mobile app by defining user needs for this product and then  designing the key features enabling finance management on the go.

Defining user needs and key features

We run user research so we could understand what features would be useful enough for them to download and engage with on a regular basis ; as they need to easily manage their business, thanks to reliable financial forecasts.

Clear patterns to make it actionable

The app should do its main job perfectly: letting users view their cash balance, consult, filter or categorise past transactions, see status of bank connections plus last update.
We’ve helped the team expand the design system including new components for mobile apps with declinaison of desktop components.

Paving the road for next iterations

We aso worked on advanced views of users current offset performance, and on letting them categorise their operations to get actionable overviews.

4.9 iOS app store rating

Our contribution allowed the team to ship an app from scratch with up to 6 key features in beta, then in public releases. We are proud of this collaboration with the Agicap team to launch this highly strategic new mobile product.