Amener de la magie aux plateformes recruteurs et candidats de Maki

Design system
Product Design
1 month
1 lead designer

Maki is a startup aiming to reinvent the hiring space. We built their new UI system for recruiters & candidates

Maki is a startup aiming to reinvent the hiring experience. On one side recruiters use it to set up assessments, invite talents and review tests results. On the other, candidates take on assessments to get their dream jobs.

We partnered with them to bring a new UI system to life that makes their core product more modern and scalable.

"We want to build the hiring experience of tomorrow with the most simple, efficient and delightful interface for our users"

Cofondateur et CPO, Maki

Our approach

Our goal was first to modernize the existing client-facing UI in order to help Maki deliver an elegant and flawless experience while reinforcing the product usability.

Then we worked on the candidate experience to provide a snappy feeling to the assessment flow.

Lighten and modernize the interface

To make the screens less heavy we first looked at adding more white space, reducing the use of shadows and softening the color contrasts. We also extented the use of rounded corners to give the UI a friendlier touch.

Highlight Maki’s brand identity

We spiced up the whole interface by using key elements of Maki’s brand identity, such as salmon color for main CTAs, sparkles to highlight important copy, and of course by giving the prime spot to their brand font — PolySans.

Sobriety, with a little touch of sparkle

We think a SaaS solution should remain light and clean so users can focus on their tasks. Our layout and visual choices reflect that need for sharpness.

That said, we use little bits of sparkles to highlight key elements in the interface which bring joy to the product, break the monotony and convey a sense of motion.

“Why so serious?”

In the power of words we trust. Thus we recommended slight UX writing enhancements for Maki to step out of the “too formal” side of the experience, introducing a warmer copywriting tone.

Liveliness through interactions

Clever transitions states were added to CTAs and other components in order to convey a snappy feeling to the interface, brighting it up in a discreet manner.

Functional and elegant

We put the effort on building a flawless and graceful interface, applying a strong brand presence to both level up the product usability and bring Maki’s joy to their users.

The smoother, the better

Candidates can feel pressure taking a test. Through snappy transitions and a slightly gamified — yet sober — UI system, we wanted to bring them control and efficiency when completing the tasks. The UI also had to represent the brand DNA of the recruiting company for consistency.

We made it great for mobile too

Market data and internal insights show that more and more people use their mobile phones to complete those assessments.

Thus we took a "mobile-first" approach for the flow redesign in order to create the most adapted Q&A interactions, whatever the device candidates might use.

Project impact

We’re pleased to see the enthusiasm on part of the Maki team to this design work and we can’t way to see it come to life alongside next product iterations.

In addition to redesigning most of client facing interfaces we also consolidated this new visual language into new Design System foundations — for the design & eng team to build upon for their next projects.

This project is being implemented and will be shipped in the following months. We'll keep you updated with the results :)

Special thanks

We really enjoyed working with Maki’s team and are happy to continue the collaboration on future projects, to keep on working to reinvent the hiring experience together.