Helping Dalma increase the number of qualified subscriptions

Product design
“We want to build the new-gen health subscription, loved by pet owners and recommended by veterinarians”
Albéric de Béru
Product Manager at Dalma

In a nutshell

Project type
B2C Insurance

Our team
1 lead designer

2021 —  Web (mobile and desktop)

Dalma is a french startup looking to reinvent pet insurance. After launching an MVP in the spring of 2021, they tasked us with rethinking their pet registration flow to improve non-assisted conversion, reduce friction & promote better understanding of the service.

Finding the right patterns

To create a more friendly and informative subscription flow for pet owners, we’ve conducted ideation workshops and benchmarked many key actors in the insurtech ecosystem and more globally the saas environnement.

With this starting point, we’ve been able to identify the main ideas that would allow us to offer a better experience (less friction, more guidance) and thus better performances (conversion rate).

Getting conversational

Since we’re adressing pup parents, it was important for us to maintain a certain level of friendliness throughout the flow. We had to strike the right balance between the usual formality of an insurance subscription, and making it clear that their pet’s health is important.

We tried a fully conversational flow but rejected it for technical constraints (it would have ended up frustrating as we’d have needed to limit the functionality too much).

We moved forwards on lo-fi iterations for a multi-step form + key screens to nail the UI direction.

Make the brand shine

We leveraged Dalma’s brand assets to create a friendly subscription flow and initiate a design system effort within Dalma.

At this occasion, we created many UI component to reflect Dalma’s visiual identity.

Project impact

The new flow has been implemented, driving more conversion than it used to be and Dalma's team kept iterating on it on a regular basis.

Dalma also observed an increase of pets added by subscription as we offered a better process for multiple-pet owners, allowing them to subscribe for several animals at the same time.

In conversion within the first steps and overall
Increase in pets added by a single user

J'ai souscris à l'assurance santé de Dalma et je ne suis pas déçu. Un devis très rapide et très compréhensible.
Helena (happy Dalma subscriber)

Special thanks

We truly enjoyed collaborating with Albéric (Product Manager) and Raphaël (Cofounder and COO) and thank them for their trust.