Designing first ever finance mobile app for Agicap

“We want to serve our users with the most useful mobile app so they can easily manage their finances on the go”
Maël Ezzabdi
Chief Product Officer @ Agicap

In a nutshell

Project type
Fintech app B2B

Our team
1 lead designer

iOS, Android — 2021

Agicap is a cashflow management platform that allows companies to easily manage their business, thanks to reliable financial forecasts and real-time monitoring.

The team asked us to help them ship Agicap first mobile app by first clarifying user needs for this new product and by then designing the key features enabling finance management on the go.

Our approach

As you can expect from everything fintech, Agicap is a product that has to handle complex user flows and is putting together in-depth financial data through its user interfaces.

We put a strong emphasis in bringing users early into the design process as the goal for this project was to ultimately ship an app that felt useful enough for them to download and engage with on a regular basis.

Grasping user needs

The app was the most requested feature. But what did users really expect from it?

We helped Etienne & Lucie (both PMs from the Agicap team) in their research phase speaking directly to existing users so we could uncover strong drivers for user engagement.

We went through dozen of interviews with entrepreneurs from many different industries (restauration, site management..) to dig into their motivations, habits and use cases.

It isn’t prioritization until it hurts

We had a lot of interest and early ideas to bring what Agicap does best — extensive financial forecasting — on mobile.

But based on user interviews learnings, suvery insights and tech constraints from the eng team we chose to prioritize the most operational use cases around cash flow monitoring and transactions categorisation for v1 of the app.

Envisioning key pieces

The app should do its main job perfectly: letting users view their cash balance, consult, filter or categorize past transactions, see status of bank connections plus last update.

Furthermore we thought users would benefit from a monthly cash inflows/outflows and that they could switch the company on which to consult all this data in one tap.

Immediately actionnable

On app opening, users should see the most valuable info at a glance. We designed a home showcasing widgets (consolidated cash balance, per bank accounts, monthly operations summary, latest transactions...) to help them to get a quick snapshot of their financial state.

This UX seemed particularly useful for managing cash on a daily basis and results in a simplified access to key information among up-to-day financial insights.

Clear navigation patterns

Based on user interviews we noticed that users were familiar with mobile apps but not necessarily tech savy.

We chose to use common UX patterns to make all the information easily accessible through a simplistic tab navigation featuring 2 mains spaces “Home” (widget based) and “Transactions” (list based).

More actions or information are shown contextually in secondary setting layers using bottom sheets format.

Testing our prototype

Does the app v1 bring enough value to users (on top of the desktop product) and can it generate satisfaction & engagement?

We tested a comprehensive prototype with a panel (of 8 users) to get signals on these hypothesis. We wanted to verify if the use cases covered in app are well understood and addressed by current UX/UI.

We ran short interviews to get a better understanding of the next high priority features to design.

Getting implementation ready

With positive user feedback and great insights in hand, we decided as a team to move forward with the front-end and back-end specs for implementation.

We worked very closely with the ENG team to unsure the design would be integrated according to plan, we helped with QA, identified bugs to fix, aligned on tasks priorities, and of course we made sure to cover ever every edge cases..

Paving the road for v2

In parallel to the v1 implementation, we worked with the product team to anticipate the roadmap by designing the next feature batch so it would be ready to be released soon after the app beta.

This included a scalable way to access various filters so users can easily find any transaction, giving a global view of the current offset performance (actual vs forecast) and being able to categorize operations.

Visualizing categories

We worked on a couple data visualisations concepts: financial performance VS forecast and cash inflows / outflows repartitions as categories so users could get a better visibility of how they earn/spend their money.

As it wasn’t part of the most requested feature and we had to first unsure people would get the right value out of the app, we decided to leave it for next iterations.

Project impact

We are honored to have been able to work with the Agicap team on their new mobile product as it has been a highly strategic project on their roadmap. Our contribution allowed the team to ship an app from scratch with up to 5 key features in beta, then in public releases.

While we can't share specific metrics around feature adoption for confidentiality reasons, we are proud to see the app driving strong user satisfaction and opening a new road for product development at Agicap.

App store rating
iOS, Android

Very useful app to track your cash flow in real time! Simple and user friendly 😊
Maud (happy Android user)

Really easy to learn and powerful, all I need for managing the cashflow at my companies
Pablo C. (happy Android user)
"The Design Crew was a super ally to deliver the very first Agicap Mobile App on a very short timing. Being able to rely on them to build all the design of the app, from scratch to deliver a solid core-value Mobile App, was very appreciable."
Lucile C.
Product Manager @ Agicap

Special thanks

We had a great time collaborating closely with the team on discovery and delivery phases (Lucile, Etienne, Luc to name a few) and would like to thank them for their trust.